Journal Articles

The Education, Outreach and Training Workgroup of the Initiative has been working hard on three journal articles to raise awareness about the connection between toxic exposures and learning and developing disabilities. The articles are currently under development or waiting acceptance from the publisher.

One of the articles targets raising awareness among the nursing community and has been submitted to the Journal of Pediatric Nursing. The manuscript addresses common neurotoxic exposures and ways nurses can advise patients to reduce these exposures. The article also develops a framework of unique behaviors and situations that make those living with a developmental disability more vulnerable to adverse effects from toxic exposure. Citation coming soon.

Another article addresses physicians and when completed will be submitted to the American Family Physician Journal. This article is a more general overview of toxic exposures and their adverse health effects that physicians should be aware of and ask about during regular health and wellness visits. The manuscript includes patient handouts that physicians can provide to clients and also a check list of environmental questions that the physician should ask during the visit to identify any possible toxic exposures. Citation coming soon.

The third article targets teachers of exceptional children. It provides an overview of the connection between toxic exposures and learning and developmental disabilities and raises awareness for teachers of these toxic exposures in the school setting. It also addresses the special concerns that may arise when teaching students with a disability. Citation coming soon.